Brief update on recent and upcoming projects

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I have been involved with some research by a woman finishing up her Master’s degree at the School for Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. My contribution to her research (I can’t talk too much about it) will be presented in Stanley Park on July 20 August 19. It is a site-specific soundscape composition to be presented in a natural setting. Please drop me a line if you would like an invite, but there is limited seating.

I have also been commisioned by the Media Arts Committee at Vancouver Co-Operative Radio CFRO 102.7 to create a piece of audio art. It is on the theme of a community of voices and will feature voices of actual CFRO announcers as sound sources. It should be complete by the end of August and will be broadcast and released on CD.

As always, I am looking for possibilities for collaborative projects. Drop me a line!