Thoughts on being a lonely composer

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I recently completed a commission for the Media Arts Committee, an organization associated with Vancouver Co-Operative Radio, CFRO, 102.7 FM. It was an interesting project, and I think one of the last (for a while?) in my old style of beatless composition. I got to use voice sounds from several CFRO programmers as the basis for a short set of pieces. The works focus on the inherent musicality and diversity of the source voices, as these qualities are drawn out by electronic transformation of the source material. The intent was for the works to be an homage to the programmers whose voices serve as the metaphorical “voices” of their respective communities.

But aside from email contact with the programmers to get permission to use their voices, the compositional process was a pretty solitary one. It made me miss working truly collaboratively. I enjoy being part of a project which is bigger than just myself, a project with its own life and existence, but one that nonetheless requires my contribution. The joy of being creative is not sufficient for me; what really nourishes me is being creative with other people; I crave the company of other creatives and the joy of combining their creativity with my own.

For whatever reason, I have trouble tracking down this kind of project. One of my goals for the next year is to be more involved with this kind of project; I’d like to be doing at least two of them per year.

Why not spend more time doing what I really enjoy?