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Tracks by Phil.

“Filled with Light” – Performance March 15 at Aberthau

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As a reminder, I have been working with Igor Santizo and Meghan Goodman to create a piece of music, movement and light called “Filled with Light”. The performance is upcoming – March 15th, 2014, 8 PM, at Aberthau at West Point Grey Community Centre (4397 West 2nd Avenue), in the Oak Room. Admission is free.

We (aka the IMP Collective) are grateful for the support of Vancouver Park Board, West Point Grey Community Centre and the Loco Moto Art Collective.

FIlled With Light

Filled with Light



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Smiley Phil

Phil Thomson, MFA (aka phonal) is a Vancouver-based creator of electronic music. His music has been released on labels around the world, broadcast on CBC, and heard in concert in Canada, the US and abroad. His works have been commissioned by such organizations as Vancouver New Music and CFRO Vancouver Co-operative Radio. He has written music for dance by several prominent Vancouver choreographers, most notably Sara Coffin. His writings have been published online and by Cambridge University Press, and he assisted with the technical editing of Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider by Marinos Koutsomichalis, published by Packt Publishing.

He is a member of the digital eco-art group known as Loco Moto Art Collective. With Meghan Goodman and Igor Santizo, he is a founding member of IMP Collective. He is currently artist in residence with Vancouver Parks Board at West Point Grey Community Centre / Aberthau.


“Filled With Light”: New Project Now Underway

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I am working on a new project with visual guy Igor Santizo and movement gal Meghan Goodman. We are in residence at Aberthau/West Point Grey Community Centre. Our piece will involve visuals, dance and music in a site-specific performance Mar 15, 2014. We are grateful to the Vancouver Parks Board and the LocoMoto Art Collective for their support.

We went for a walk and Wynne Palmer of the LocoMoto Art Collective was there to document it.


Listen to Wikipedia

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A real-time sonification of the edits to Wikipedia. Suitable for sleeping or dreaming. Check it. via Create Digital Music via The Verge.


New track made in Supercollider, from the EP sern

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Been working on this one for a while. Premiered it back in May, but have been working on it ever since and now it’s pretty much finished. At almost 18 minutes, it’s a doozy, but try it, you’ll like it.


Glass, Cage et al.

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Peter Greenaway’s film about John Cage. One of my favourite films about one of my favourite composers.

And here is my other favourite composer, also covered by Greenaway.

You can find the other two films in this series here.

via OpenCulture.


John Cage – Suite for Toy Piano

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via Open Culture


Interview with Xenakis

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Xenakis discusses his sonic influences, from anti-Nazi demonstrations to insects.

(via European Graduate School)



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From my friend Pablo comes this amazing bit of sound art on video.

Zimoun : Compilation Video V3.0 | Sound Sculptures & Installations, Sound Architectures from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.

Artist’s website.


Laurie Spiegel kickin’ it old school

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Laurie Spiegel plays Alles Synth
by Ekho

“This 1977 tape is one of the earliest examples of purely digital realtime audio synthesis. It manages to achieve an analog synth sounding quality, but is entirely digital synthesis and signal processing. The interactive software I wrote and am playing in this video recycles my keyboard input into an accompaniment to my continued playing, which is why I called it a ‘concerto generator’. I use part of one of the keyboards for control data entry, and the small switches upper right to access pre-entered numerical patterns. The sliders are mainly pre-Yamaha FM synthesis parameter controls, for the number and amplitude and frequency of the FM pair modulators and carriers…” Laurie Speigel

via Ekho